Monday, August 12, 2013

Cyrena's Bio

Cyrena Drusine began her life as a dancer and performer when she entered the School of American Ballet at the age of 8. She studied there until she was 18 during which time she performed with The New York City Ballet. She then began dancing with the Pacific Northwest Ballet. In addition to ballet, Cyrena has studied various dance forms such as jazz, modern, West-African, hip-hop and salsa. In 2005 Cyrena started dancing tango in Buenos Aires where she studied with various tango masters, such as Rodolfo Dinzel and Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera.  Cyrena won the first U.S. Tango championship in Tango Salon in July 2007 with Eduardo Goytia and then made it to the finals at the World championship in Buenos Aires.  Cyrena has taught and performed throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Japan.  In 2008 and 2009 Cyrena performed with the world-renowned company Tango Pasion in Paris, Munich and Athens and in 2009 she began touring with the company La Esquina de Carlos Gardel.  Cyrena has also taught and performed in various tango festivals in New York, Boston, Monaco and in the tango festival in Comodoro de Rivadavia.  In 2010 she was a judge in the tango championship in Asia.  Cyrena has performed in various milongas in Buenos Aires as well as in some of the most famous tango houses such as Tango Porteño, La Esquina de Carlos Gardel and El Querandi.

Cyrena completed her master's in Performance Studies at New York University in May 2008 where she wrote, Una Emocion: A Tango of Memories, Nostalgia and History, a thesis which focused on the sensual experience of tango in Buenos Aires. In 2009 she was a guest lecturer on tango at New York University's study abroad program in Buenos Aires. In January 2011 Cyrena started the company Narrative Tango Tours, a personalized tango tour company for tourists visiting Buenos Aires. Cyrena currently lives in Buenos Aires where she teaches and performs.
Arg cell: 011-69187651
US cell: 917-574-0958
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Steinar Refsdal and Cyrena Drusine

Alejandro Zacco and Cyrena Drusine